Saturday, April 14, 2012

Running Over a Priest in Your Taxi is Probably Bad Karma

A little more than 24 hours in Rome and we've already done three of the things the guidebooks tell you not to do.

The taxi ride. After a short debate over whether to take a cab or a shuttle we opted to cab it. They are about the same price and we don't have to share space with strangers. Our cab driver seemed harmless enough. She was a woman, plus she had a picture of a baby and a rosary in her cab. Someone who loves babies and Jesus can't be all that bad can they? We were under the impression it would be around 40 euro to the hotel in a metered cab because that is what the internet said.

After hopping in the cab and giving the driver our destination, we were off. When I noticed that she didn't turn on her meter that should have been sign #1. But I figured maybe I read the Internet wrong and it was a flat fee. After several near misses in terrible Rome traffic (sign #2), including almost mowing down a priest (sign #3), we arrive at a hotel. She then tells me the fare is 60 euro flat fee. Begrudgingly I pay her the money just because I am thankful we're alive. Upon leaving the cab we find out WE'RE AT THE WRONG HOTEL. Fortunately our hotel is one door down so it isn't that tragic. That will be the last time I take a cab in this city without double checking the price.

The nap. After arriving at the hotel we were exhausted and in desperate need of a nap. Despite knowing better we hit the sheets for a quick nap before dinner. Six hours later we woke up.

The meal. After our nap we were hungry but it was 11 p.m. and the hotel restaurant was closed. Not willing to pay room service prices we headed out in search of something that might still be open. Our hotel is at the top of the Spanish Steps so we took a walk to the bottom and we found an open restaurant. I think rule #1 of travel in Italy is never eat in the Piazza, but we were hungry and unwilling to walk very far so we did. The price was not too steep but the food was just mediocre.


  1. listen always to ur mother! I told u so!!!! Never eat at the piazza's!! They will rip u off! Remember this is Europe,no 24/7 joints! Use public transpo. Pizza is different in Italy, than here, not bad but different. Enjoy the rest of ur trip. Hsppy Birthday Jeffie, also from tante Juul! luv u both! mom

    1. Travel is always an adventure. I read that in Istanbul NEVER take a taxi without first taking a pix of the license plate and negotiating the price up front. And never let the cabbie look in your wallet. And never give them cash until they on the spot acknowledge how much lira you have in your hand to pay. They like to pretend you gave them less than you gave them: the 50 is a 5 lira scam. Public transpo is less convenient, but then I only have to worry about pickpockets who can easily be foiled. Chalk it up to experience. I always do!!!!

  2. Hahaha. Travel is always an adventure. Wouldn't be an experience without bumps in the road. Have a great time. Happy birthday Jeffie!